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Reign in Hell $10.00
Publisher: Snarling Badger Studios
by Richard V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/15/2021 16:27:07

many Good things-

You only need a small number of troops to play (less than ten per player)

The artwork in the book is spendid.

You can use any miniatures you like, possibly ones you already own that never get time on the table.

The rules of this game are straightforward and simple, yet very elegant in the way they give players interesting choices, such as the Soul Dice.

Costs a fraction of what you might pay for a Miniature board game, or skirmish style wargame.

When you buy the hard copy, you get a free PDF! instant gratifcation.

Untold hours of entertainment creating your Cabal of demons, and Fighting for supremacy in glorius fast paced brutal combat!

only not so great thing- You might want to count your twelve sided dice when you decide to purchase this, as it requires one for each troop (less than 10 per player) My friendly local game store only had 2 loose D12s to spare, just after this game was released. Coincidence? I think not.

in Conclusion I would recommend this game for anyone who is remoteley interested in tabletop strategy games or miniature board games.

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Reign in Hell
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